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“We had to have the previous bell system repairman out quite a bit. Any change, any power outage, etc. required calling the company and having to wait a couple of days. Now, we can make a change whenever we need to ourselves. Having a choice on the bell sound has been an added bonus. Our principal has set different bell sounds for the different class changes of the day. The kids seem more alert to the different sounds.

This system is by far the best change we have made in our office

It is so convenient to be able to make bell changes as we need them. Just a couple of weeks ago, our football team was advancing in the playoffs. We scheduled a last minute pep assembly and we were able to change the bells ourselves for that day.

I am thrilled [with Priority Time] and definitely recommend it.”

Kathy Bauer
Berrien Springs, MI

"Well, you know we love the system... 

We use to have to punch codes in a key pad with the old system and couldn't count on it.

We like that we can punch in a schedule several days in advance or that we can edit the same day's schedule at a moment's notice. It's amazing the number of different schedules a school can come up with but it is so easy to set them up then you have them saved forever.

I like the feature of showing a weekly schedule or just the day's schedule - that the screen will show the current time, and the time the bell will ring next - it's just easy access."

Jan Wagner
Michigan City, IN


“It’s rare we see a truly user-friendly software product, so when we do it makes a huge impression. Priority Time Software has developed a hit when it comes to usability, simplicity and flexibility.

With Priority Time Software, you won’t have to worry about clicking around in an annoying and confusing maze of unnecessary fluff. You won’t find yourself looking at a zillion popup windows asking you to answer questions that only a geek could understand. Instead, you’ll see a simple and orderly window with clearly labeled and easy to understand options.

You’ll find that setting up the first schedule will take only a matter of minutes. When it comes time to make a change to a schedule, plan on taking just a few seconds out of your busy day… it couldn’t be any easier.

I would without reservation recommend Priority Time Software to anyone wanting scheduled audio. The most obvious use would be scheduling and ringing school bells and factory shift buzzers. But anyone (such as retail stores, libraries, malls, public gatherings) wanting to schedule and play audio will find Priority Time indispensable.”

Christo (Christopher R. Lowe)
CEO/Director of Sales and Marketing
Excelisys, Inc.

Our old bell system consisted of one bell, located in the middle of a hallway, and a clock system only a technician knows how to change. Our bells had not been changed in the last two years even though our schedule has. The recent change to daylight savings time made matters worse. In our middle school a teacher was responsible for ringing a hand bell to signal when classes were to change. Now it's automatically done with a computer that can be adjusted as needed.

We downloaded the sample and connected our computer to the PA system using just one cable. Instantly we had a bell system that not only rang in the classrooms, but one that could be adjusted whenever we needed. In fact, we had to change the times for a half day but forgot until that day. Within a minute or two, we had it changed and saved for future half days. No technicians, no additional costs. Priority Time software has made our daily schedules much easier for everyone to follow at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

Stephen Donndelinger, Principal
St. Jude Catholic School
South Bend, IN

Bishop's College School is a private international boarding school situated in rural Quebec. For years we have been sending our staff electrician to program all of the bell changes to parallel the academic calendar changes, not a cost effective scenario as we average fifteen changes every month. Over the years we had extensively modified the existing school bell programmer that had never been used in its original configuration because it was so not user friendly. This meant that all of the scheduling had to be entered manually and the only person capable of doing this was the employee that had carried out the modifications, our electrician/magician.
There had to be a better way, a way to give back to academia the monster it had created with all of these bell changes. There was, Priority Time Software. Now after a very simple installation our academic secretary can program any changes easily from her own computer. The software is so simple to use that she took to it within minutes. No tears, no screams, no "I'm not paid enough to do this", no small accomplishment believe me.
Thank you Priority Time, you have made this Facilities manager a very happy person indeed. And it turns out that our electrician is actually a very nice man now that this task has been removed from his substantial workload".
Jacques Leblanc
Director of Buildings and Grounds
Bishop's College School


The Priority Time system is worth the investment because of the simplicity and ease with which you change the time schedules. As with our old system, tech support and parts were becoming few and far between. We share classes with the public school and times change from year to year, Priority Time makes the transition a snap. This has been a savior for our teachers and our school system.

Mr. Jim Wesselmann
Remsen St. Mary's HS
Remsen, Iowa


“Priority Time software made our camp “bugle system” so much easier to use and program. I can do it myself and I am not that well versed with computers. With our old system, every time the power went out or we had a power surge, we had to completely re-do the system. Now when the power goes out (and with all camps, it happens a lot) the system comes back on and everything works without having to reset anything.  

Thank you Priority Time for solving one of those nagging problems that can pop up when you least expect it. Easy to use and easy to program, it’s what we’ve been looking for, for many many years.”

YMCA Camp Eberhart
Three Rivers, MI


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